Saturday, August 13

day three

Today's high points:
-finding my way to Beijing University on my own by reading the bus map in Chinese! (okay, I only had to know four easy characters to do it, but still, I'm sorta proud about it)
-seeing the beautiful campus
-walking in an air conditioned mall in the afternoon when I thought I would melt because of the humidity
-drinking an Orange Julius
-finding my way back to my hostel area by reading a bus sign again, this time reading the characters for my area

Today's low points:
-somehow missing meeting my friends at the main gate of the university. either I was at the wrong "main" gate, or they couldn't make it (no cell phones is pretty freeing, but in this case, it would have been helpful!)
-sweating about a million liters in this crazy humidity

I am really enjoying being here, seeing things at a leisurely pace, but I am thinking about leaving sooner than I thought because I am missing the lovely weather of Yanji. I just thought it was hot there during the day! Either way, at night there, it's so beautifully cool. Well, I do still want to see the Great Wall and the Summer Palace, so maybe I'll stay until Tuesday night.


Jenni said...

Sounds like such wonderful adventures - I hope that you are taking pictures as you are able!

R Debenport said...

glad you're having a good time in Beijing. I lived there as a kid but haven't been back since - I'm sure I wouldn't even recognize it! But I do remember the hot, humid summers and the freezing, dry winters. Enjoy!
- rebecca