Monday, August 8

you've all been of my apartment

In keeping with tradition, I thought you guys needed to see my apartment here at the university. The wooden door in the background leads to the hallway. The posters on the wardrobe are of basic fruits, foods, etc. in Chinese. I'm actually learning something by glancing at it everyday! Just to the right of the outside door is my bathroom, which doesn't have hot water yet. I think when I get back from my trip I am going to buy a hot water heater. Right now, I heat up a bucket of water with a water coil (if you put your hand in the water to test it while it's heating, you'll get a buzz!) and pour it on me with a ladle type thing. It's an OK way to shower, actually, but I think when winter comes I will appreciate having hot water on demand. Behind where I stood to take the picture on the left is the picture on the right. It's my kitchen area, which actually isn't a kitchen, but has a fridge, little oven, electric skillet, shelves for food and a desk that I keep dishes in. Those two extra doors separate the porch (kitchen) area from the rest of the apartment. I just took them off for the summer to let more of a breeze flow through. On the porch, there is a big window where I can see the beautiful landscape behind the university.

This picture of the rainbow shows the landscape behind us, but it's taken from our office window. I went for another walk this morning around some of the paths back there. There are a lot of little houses and their little farms. It's really a nice place to walk!

I am headed out tonight for Beijing. We'll see if I can post there. I'm sure I can... I guess I just mean we'll see if I have the time and get motivated to post from there.

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