Wednesday, August 10


We're at the halfway point of getting to Beijing. We were escorted to the train station last night, even all the way to our car (they had to pay one yuan each to be able to do that) and we had a relatively peaceful night's sleep in the "hard sleeper" section of the train. There are six beds per room (which isn't really a room since there's no door). Getting to the top bunk is actually a bit of an adventure in itself, but I just know by observation since I was allowed the bottom bunk. Next to me was a young mother and a really sweet little one year old boy who even paitently waited for his mom to wake up this morning as he laid his head on her stomach. Nothing like a sweet picture like that to make you want a kid. :)

We spent today in Changchun, just seeing random stuff like the university, Wal-Mart, and eating some good food. For dinner, we had some pancake/crepe/tortilla like things that you put meat and veggies in, then dip in your choice of sauces and eat. When we were asked by our friends we met here what we wanted to eat, I said I wanted Mexican. This was the closest we could get. It was really good. I don't know the Chinese name, or I would tell you. Anyway, if you ever get a chance to try it, I recommend it. We left full and satisfied, all for less than two bucks per serving. Tonight, we're on the night train to Beijing. We're excited!

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Adrielley said...

Wow- so cool to hear about traveling there! Good luck on adventuring, Girl.