Tuesday, January 3

back in the USA

After three nights and two days in Beijing, then more than 24 hours in transit to Texas, I'm here. I left Beijing New Years day at 5am by taxi from the hostel we stayed at and got in to Abilene that night at around 7pm. I had a long layover in Tokyo, but my Dad had given me a business class upgrade on his frequent flier miles and I got a shower and a nice place to chill in the business class lounge there. The shower was really nice because there happened to be no hot water at the hostel in Beijing so early in the morning. I wonder how many travellers stay at the cheapest place they can find in Beijing before they board business class on an international flight, then rejoice at the luck of having a hot shower in the lounge because their budget accomodations didn't provide one. I'm betting I'm one of the few, thanks to my generous frequent flier father. My parents picked me up at the airport and took me straight to Taco Bueno for dinner. It was excellent. Then, at home, we had a little Christmas and catching up time.

Today, my Dad and I are off to visit relatives in West Texas while my Mom stays home to finish some projects. I'm gonna post some pictures of Beijing and some other random stuff when I get back in a few days. Until then...

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Angela said...

Welcome back! Our schedule's pretty open. You'll have to come for dinner or something. Tell us what your schedule is like. love ya!!!