Tuesday, January 31

a list (but not really)

  • it's been about 11 days since i posted and i automatically signed in to my old blog from when i lived in south korea
  • i got an ipod for christmas. i love it. it holds all my music and a lot more. i got some music from friends in dripping springs (they convinced me it was legal, but i wanted to be convinced) and i just deleted it in trying to get an updated playlist on there. i am truly not-with-it. it made me mad, but i didn't scream. (j and c, i really wish i could prove to you that i am not ipod inept, but i guess i can't. too bad i can't see you again so you could give me cool music again! this is my punishment.)
  • i spent last week with my fellowship in dripping springs and seeing friends in the austin area, plus a wedding. it was all life-giving and great.
  • my parents are becoming more "liberal" which they claim means tolerant. i am trying to argue with them.
  • it's warm here
  • i am eating a lot of good food and trying to work out to counteract the effect, but i don't think it's working
  • i had a great weekend with my two (still single) cousins. lots of good sit outside and talk time.
  • i am still trying to get over this massive music loss. i can't believe i am this silly.
  • my mom has enough books to last years, even if you were trapped inside the house and couldn't go out. i am reading some of them: winter in kandahar, the mermaid chair, balzac and the little chinese seamstress, waiting
  • i am tired of shopping. that is good.
  • i will try to post something more thought provoking later, but don't hold your breath

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