Friday, January 20

speaking of...

Yesterday I spoke in my Mom's secondary art methods class about middle school students and today I spoke to my Dad's physical science class about coal use in China. I'm no expert in either field, and I'm not sure why they wanted me to come speak in their classes, but I went anyhow. I say "spoke" - it was only about 15 minutes in each class. I was a lot more comfortable with the coal in China topic because all I did was show pictures and talk a little about them. Everywhere I go with my parents, I get introduced to someone. Even though this is my hometown, it feels like I barely know anyone here anymore. I am going to the Austin area today to stay with my Gramaw and see people I know there. I'm looking forward to that. I also get to go to a wedding of two of my friends (Texans) who I worked with in Korea! It should be a fun little reunion there tomorrow.

The weather in Texas is so warm! When I showed the pictures of cold Yanji, where ice cream is sold on the street with no freezer needed in the winter, I thought of my friends who are toughing it out there this winter. I was lucky enough to get to spend the coldest month of the year in a place where I don't have to even wear a coat, let alone long johns, snow boots, hat, scarf, and gloves!

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Terry & Barbara Glenn said...

Lela, When are you going back or are you going back? Hope you had a great visit with your grandmother.