Tuesday, October 10

cold weather, paint, skits

It's almost mid-October and the cold weather is here! Today's high is in the low 50's, which isn't bad, but it's just gonna get colder. Anyway, I kinda like it. I like pulling out the sweaters and I don't mind wearing a jacket in the office. One girl is already wearing her fingerless gloves while she works in the office. She was told by another teacher to put them away because it's too sad to bring them out already.

My new apartment is getting painted today! It's been funny trying to communicate with the painters and the paint shop in Chinese. I do the best I can and then I call a student to help me. I'm taking one bag load of stuff every time I go to the new place so that every trip up the stairs (I'm on the fourth floor) is a useful one.

We did student made skits in my elementary class today. They were all pretty funny. One of them involved an invisible character who had secret ways of keeping the hottest guy on campus from getting together with girls. One of her methods was to walk behind the guy and give the girl he was dating a little spank. Ha!

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