Saturday, October 21

a lovely morning

It's Sunday morning. I've got biscuits in the oven, hot coffee from my coffee press, some good music on, my skin smells so good with the bergamot coriander lotion my sister brought me, and it's SNOWING! I mean, could it get any better? Well, I guess I could think of a few things I could add, but let's just enjoy this.

It's a habit of mine to look out the window when I get up. This morning when I did, I tried to discern whether it was snow or rain. When I got out of the shower, it was definitely snow. It's not sticking or anything, and it still has the weight of rain instead of being able to drift around a little before it hits the ground, but it's officially our first snow! Not quite as dramatic as last year's, but still lovely.

Well, I have biscuits to eat and need to get ready for the day. More later.

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Rachael said...

Lela! These days you are posting more frequently than I am reading; I'm not complaining though.
Sigh. I so miss Yanji still, and knowing of the snow makes it worse. How fun! I hope you stay all snuggled up but still get a lot done.
P.S. I'm reading 'Red China Blues' and can't put it down.