Wednesday, October 4

the new apartment

I went shopping today for some new cleaning materials for the new apartment, and the store I usually go to downtown was being shuffled around so I couldn't get most of the things I wanted (a new broom, mop, sponges). I did buy a few things that I needed anyhow and then went to the apartment to clean up, rearrange a little, and think about what needs to be done. I took these pictures with the new couch I bought yesterday (with the plastic wrap on until the walls get painted). They delivered the two sections of the couch and the four wooden chairs from the used furniture market (the chairs are used, the couch isn't) on a bike wagon. A friend bought the middle section of my couch (it's all that will fit in his room on campus) and a TV stand and they delivered that all the way up the bumpy dirt road to our university on a bike wagon too! We were in awe. We paid less than $100 for the whole 3 piece sofa, $12 for the four wooden chairs, and $8 for delivery to two places.

The first pic is taken from the front door and the second from the veranda at the far end of the first pic. The third picture is of the slightly larger bedroom and the last picture is of the other bedroom. As you can tell, the beds take up most of the space in the bedrooms. That's pretty much all there is, besides the bathroom, which is nothing special (perhaps a step down from my current bathroom, because there's no bathtub, only a shower head in the middle of the bathroom, but that is typical of an Asian bathroom.)

The curtains are all going to go, with the possible exception of the smaller bedroom. Also, I am going to paint the walls. Everything in the apartment is warm toned right now, so I am thinking of maybe a green wall behind the couch and maybe a cool gray for the rest? Not sure yet. I think another brown or orange color might be too much. Any suggestions? I should get the painting sorted this week since I'm on vacation, but I've been a little slow in that.

I'm getting anxious to move in already! I was going to wait until the end of the semester, but I might have to go ahead and make the move once it gets painted. We'll see. It's just that commuting everyday (since the road is torn up and buses are not going to our school still) might be cumbersome.

Tonight, I had dinner with a new friend who works downtown. Spicy spicy chicken kalbi on me, then foot massages (which actually include your whole body) on her. Oh so nice.


Jenni said...

that looks great! new spaces are least once you get them organized just so.

Rachael said...

Everytime I want to leave a comment, I have to click on some Chinese word.
Your apartment - wow! Looks perfect!
Also, whenever you start talking about food, I always get super jealous. Glad everything's going well!