Thursday, April 19

a few random pictures

You've heard of Dole bananas, but have you ever heard of Bole? One great thing about living in Asia is getting a kick of seeing how things are misrepresented or copied. I saw this in one of the back streets a few weeks ago. It was covering up a hole that is now just open. Everytime I walk by the hole I wonder if anyone's fallen in yet.
I walked a different way out of my friends' house and saw this house in the right foreground that burns the coal for the neighborhood. It's hardly even cold anymore but still the chimney is spewing out the nasty smoke.
And I took a picture of my lunch yesterday. It's one of my favorite meals to eat alone. (For some reason I don't order it when I'm eating with people. I wonder if that means something?) It's kimchi tuna stew served with rice and whatever ban-chan (side dishes) they have made up that week. Usually it's this: tofu strips and radish cubes, both pickled with chili sauce.

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