Monday, April 16

the golden pig

I was searching for somewhat recent pictures to post here because I noticed (after I was allowed to view blogspot blogs after a few weeks of them being blocked) that I had been text centered recently. I found this one that I took a few days after I came back. This year is the lunar year of the golden pig so we have this huge ugly yet fun statue downtown. The words are in Korean with no Chinese, which I think is interesting. This year, since it's not just the year of the pig, but the golden year of the pig, is supposed to be a lucky year to be born because you'll be more successful (monetarily, I think).

Today is the first day in about two weeks that I haven't had commitments outside myself due to visitors. I treated it like a Saturday (since I don't teach or have language class on Mondays) but now I feel like such a procrastinator. I actually got up and got going very early (in the surprise morning snow!) but then came back home to cook myself brunch and got tired, so I took a long nap. I finally got around to planning for my American culture class later in the day but I'm still not finished. As usual I am feeling uninspired for it, although I am teaching on the American education system which I know relatively more about than other topics I teach on. I've learned that the class goes fine in the end. I'm always so relieved when it's over for the week!

So, since I'm procrastinating by writing this blog, I will leave it at that as I need to continue to educate myself to educate on education tomorrow.

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