Friday, April 27

spring came early!

This week has had a few cold and windy days, but the weather today is absolutely beautiful. Jacket only weather with sunshine and no wind! The trees have started blooming, too. Last year I remember going to Dalian for May holiday and seeing our first budding trees on the way from the train. This year we have beautiful blossoms in Yanji already! These guys are playing cards on a streetcorner. It had been sprinkling off and on, maybe that's why the umbrellas are down so close to them.
These ladies are practicing some sort of dance with pots on their heads. Most of them have their pots wrapped in a plastic bag and many of them have on face masks to keep from breathing in the dust/pollution in the air.

Our early blossoms! In the picture above, you can see the tricycles that they use a lot for delivery here. All the furniture I bought from the used furniture market was delivered on one of those.
And since I was in the picture taking mode this week, I took a picture of this huge hamburger on a pole that advertises the nearby burger place. I just think it's funny.

I'm leaving for Beijing tonight and then to Korea tomorrow for my friend's wedding in Pusan! I am excited about the wedding and about visiting this city on the coast that I've never been to. Warmer weather ahead!


Elaine said...

what kind of blossoms are those? I was just in Philadelphia and the cherry blossoms were gorgeous, as were many other flowering trees. Such a sight to behold!
You never fail to impress with pictures - I'm sure spring is a welcome sight for you!

One Woman said...

Is the pollution really that bad? Do you wear a pollution mask too? I like your new title on the blog (Neither here nor there). Aren't we all???!?

chinachat said...

I think these are also cherry blossoms. They're the most common in Asia, but most of them don't actually make fruit.

No, I don't wear a pollution mask. It is pretty bad, along with the dust and other junk in the air, but I figure my time is gonna come when it's gonna come and a mask won't really matter.