Tuesday, December 18

Gingerbread House Party

Last weekend I went to a gingerbread house making party. I wanted to try my hand at rolling my own kimbap, so I did and took it, with kimchi in the middle. It was yummy. I had been craving some Korean food and this hit the spot. It mostly went over well. Everybody called it sushi (it's not, but most people don't have another word to call it) and most people tried it, but I did have some left to take back to my cousin who was glad to have it.

We had four groups competing to build the best gingerbread house (they were really graham crakers instead of gingerbread).

We were lucky to have a guy who built our house to California earthquake standards.

We also had a guy who put a firepit and bench in the backyard. He said he'd like to "take a lady out there."

Our main competition was this pueblo style house that they said was SANTA Fe style. We watched Shrek the Halls afterwards and had a fun time.


Anonymous said...

hi! your kimbap looks SO good! yay for the CA shout-out (related to your gingerbread house).

when are you leaving the States? would love to have a phone convo w/ you before you leave. I'll try to email you soon... -jina k.

mad4books said...

These are FANTASTICAL! I hope the guy with the firepit and bench won...he can split the prize with His Lady.


(Ooh...and your kimbap looks YUM. You wouldn't have had any to take to your cousin if I'd been loitering around...)