Thursday, April 3

subbing and kimbap

This week and last, I haven’t had many days of subbing, so when I saw a 10 day long job, I signed up for it, even though it’s at an elementary school and in special education, two things that aren’t what I usually do. It starts tomorrow. We’ll see!

I am mostly enjoying subbing. In the 8th grade math classroom I recently had a few days in, I got practice factoring quadratics and listening to interesting things like an 8th grade boy who was upset because it leaked out before school that he wanted to ask a certain girl out. He came in to class and said “Well, now I have to ask her out! There’s no way around it!” For all the attitude they can give a teacher, they are still so cute.

Two weeks ago, I finally got up my gumption and had a Korean dinner at my Grandmother’s house (where I’m staying in Austin). I even invited my first Korean tutors, even though I was a little apprehensive about cooking Korean food for Koreans. One of them came, and turned out to be the life of the party. I didn’t realize that most people don’t get a lot of interaction with non-Americans, so I was happy he and his wife were part of the experience.

Everybody seemed to like the food, especially the kimbap (like California rolls), but there was quite a bit of food left, so my Grandmother and I ate it as leftovers last week. I finally convinced her that Korean food isn’t all that great as leftovers and she didn’t have to eat it. I think her main motive was to get an organized refrigerator again. One great way to eat leftover kimbap, since it isn’t good old and cold, is to dip it in egg and put it in the frying pan. Yum!

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sarrilly said...

oooh good idea!
mannn i love kimbap. i envy your cooking skills!