Monday, May 24

our garden

We planted our little garden about a week ago. Some of the plants we'd started in pots before that since we didn't have the ground ready, but most of it we just planted straight into the ground. It's about 24 square feet. Colin even marked it all out and is following the square foot gardening technique that tells how many of what plant you can put in each square. We have three different kinds of tomatoes, cucumber, watermelon (which Colin tried to keep me from planting, but eventually gave in), bush beans, three kinds of onions, squash, and I forgot what all else. We planted marigolds and chives along the edge because they're supposed to help keep pests out. He made a little plot of what went where on his graph paper before we put the seeds in. Such a planner. We have no idea how it's going to work out because it faces east and only gets between 4-6 hours of sun each morning since it's on the side of our apartment building. But, we're hoping for some good things to come up!

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mad4books said...

I am so utterly, completely impressed. Fingers crossed for your summer dining!