Monday, May 31

Our Memorial Day Weekend

How exciting to have a three day weekend! It started out with pancakes and finally getting to work on our wedding blurb book - a gift from a friend. It's almost done, then we have one more wedding book to put together.
Today I sanded down these letters to cover them with pages from old books. Still in progress.

Colin put together this porch swing that he got from craigslist free. He also made a canopy from a straw mat that I found in the garbage. Love getting things for free and putting them to good use!

Our garden has a few quickly growing sprouts! Some of the squares haven't sprouted at all, though, so we might be doing some fill in planting later. As you can see, the garden doesn't get as much sun as it probably should, but we're experimenting with it anyhow!


Laura said...

Is there any room to swing on that swing?

Ah-ha! That's where those letters went. I told mom she should look on craigslist to look at them because your assortment of words to spell with them made me laugh. When she looked, they were gone! Soooo, what are you going to spell?

lela said...

The letters should still be up. I only took home four: TRUE. I might not keep them, though. I just want to see what they look like covered in book pages.