Tuesday, October 5

Back in China for a few weeks!

We got to our destination in China Saturday around noon, with a lovely
welcome at the airport from our former teammates who were holding up a
sign "Welcome back Mr. and Mrs. Thorne!" We were eased in on Sunday
evening with a pizza buffet at the Western restaurant that some
friends own. Sunday we got to catch up with more people and I was
really happy to have a rainy day since we haven't seen rain for quite
a while in California.

Yesterday I left a few things to get altered at my old seamstress, had
yang rou chuar (lamb on a stick cooked on a fire in front of you) with
some friends and explored some of the new shopping options. Things
here change so quickly!

Colin left today for another city where he's working (if you don't get
our newsletter, send me an email). So, I'm on my own for the rest of
the week, but I'm blessed to get to stay with a family that has a huge
apartment overlooking the river. I'm super spoiled here because they
also have an espresso machine that dispenses at the push of a button.
I'm living it up!

Pictures to come as soon as I find the cord that connects my camera to
my computer!

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