Wednesday, October 6

keeping busy

I feel uninspired to write without a picture to post alongside, but I'm going this afternoon to go through the boxes of stuff we have stored at a friend's factory.  Colin and I both left China thinking we would be back within a few months, but those months for both of us turned into a few years for both of us.  So we have things stored here - some of which we remember and some of which we will probably be surprised to find.  One of the things I hope to find is the cord that connects my little travel camera to my computer.  

In my free time here, I've read a friend's novella, studied Korean, explored the neighborhood, applied for the Renegade Holiday Fair in Los Angeles, listed new things on my handmade etsy site, created a treasury on etsy, and met up with old friends.  I'm already starting to wonder when Colin will get back, but I'm trying to be patient!

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One Woman said...

I'm glad you're there!!! :)