Saturday, October 23


My friend J and I went on a walk together like we used to do behind the university the first Saturday I was here.  There's a little rural village back there.  We saw this mound of potatoes in one yard - so many potatoes!  And, an old mattress spring for a gate.  Awesome.

Planning on leaving tomorrow morning for another trip in.  I feel privileged to join the team again.  Colin will finish up his job and I'll be there for moral support.  Looking forward to it, but definitely going to take a long hot shower and have at least two more cups of real coffee here just before we go!


cy.leow said...

Hi from New Zealand..
I love the look of your photos! What camera you used to produce that?
CY -

lela said...

I used a normal camera but then used poladroid for the effect. You can download it here: