Thursday, December 2

Advent Wreath

This is my first real season to celebrate Advent. With a new job (finally! I have a full time job again!) and preparing for the Renegade Craft Fair, I am finding the time we're taking to stop and wait and remember necessary to return to a peaceful state of mind.

I made this "wreath" out of discarded Christmas tree clippings at Wal-Mart. I was thinking about buying a small Norfolk pine and cutting branches off of it, but then I saw the guy throwing these branches out and decided they would look even better. They were free, to boot! I was going to tie them together, but to make it simpler, I just laid them on a circular tray. I'm not using the traditional Advent colors of purple and pink because I wanted to use candles I already had.

This week, we've been lighting the first candle when we sit down to dinner and reading the scripture and singing a song together after dinner. The theme this week from the resource we're using is to wake up and be alert for the new thing that God is doing. So good.

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Rachael said...

I love your "wreath" - Noah and I were asked to light the fourth candle at our church this Sunday. This is only the second church I have been in that has celebrated advent, but I really like it.