Sunday, December 19

The Craft Fair!

We had two really beautiful days for the craft fair last weekend. I'm glad it wasn't this weekend, with the three days (and more to come) of non stop rain!

Colin helped out so much by handing out business cards, manning the booth while I looked around, by bringing food and coffee, and with set-up and tear down. Couldn't have done it without him!

The craft fair was fun and super tiring. At the end of the day Saturday, we went out for dinner in nearby Chinatown and then I came home and crashed. After a week of very little sleep, I think that was the most needed nights rest I've had in a long time. Sunday I got a chance to look around at the other booths, which were a lot of fun, but I can understand why so many people come and just look - it's a little overwhelming!

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Laura said...

Looks AMAZING, Lelee! So happy that all of your work was rewarded with good business. I had never seen the lamp shades!