Thursday, May 17

100 days old

Mavry turned 100 days old yesterday!  In traditional Korean culture, the 100th day is celebrated because the first 100 days are the hardest for the baby to survive.  I would have forgotten to mark this day except I have a friend whose (third) baby was born just three days before Mavry, so she reminded me.  :)

Mavry decided to make her 100th day count by doing a few new things: sleeping successfully without a swaddle and rolling over from back to front!

Up until early this week, we had been putting her to sleep half-zipped in this swaddle.  We started out a month or so ago unzipping it just an inch or so when she started to discover her hands.  While it was in the dirty laundry, we started going back to regular blanket swaddling, but leaving her arms free. 

Yesterday she rolled off the bed for the second time, so I decided she needed to sleep with her legs free.  (I got these pictures while I was reading in the room.  I saw she had edged close to the side of her floor bed and wanted to see what happened next since Colin had already found her on the floor once.  She rolled off the bed in her sleep but then woke up shortly afterwards.)

 She did great without a swaddle for her nap and at night!

After taking two marathon naps (because of teething or a growth spurt?), she was ready for some play time.  I put her down on her back centered on the mat under the bells and went back to the bedroom for something.  When I came back, there she was on her tummy looking all happy!  I guess she knew it was a day to remember. 

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