Tuesday, May 8

Mavry at 3 Months

Mavry turned 3 months old over the weekend!  She loves when people make eye contact with her for a conversation.  We read a few books together yesterday and she was very interested in the pictures, touching the pages of the board books.  She is turning over from front to back less now - maybe because she is interested in the things in front of her.  I put a wooden rolling toy in front of her yesterday and she was busy for a while looking and touching it while she was on her tummy.  I keep thinking she's going to roll over from back to front, but she stops halfway to enjoy the view from her side.  She is drooling a lot and has been changing up her sleep patterns (at least I wanted to think they were patterns) in the last few days, so I wonder if she is starting to teethe?  But I guess it's still a little early for that.

I'm so thankful for our beautiful, healthy and joyful little girl!

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