Wednesday, May 30

Mavry in the Mirror

It's no secret that kids love mirrors.  Montessori recommends a movement mirror for the infant to watch her movement.  (I get a lot of Montessori guidance from other blogs.  Here is one I check often and what she has to say about the movement mirror.)

We put Mavry's next to her floor bed where she takes naps during the day.  (At night she's still in the co-sleeper.)  She is a big fan of her mirror (and herself!) and will often watch herself in it before she falls asleep.  If she wakes up happy then she'll spend a good amount of time with it as well.  I caught a video of her enjoying her mirror a week and a half ago.  She's very cute, but you will probably get the idea after just watching the beginning.  The middle and end show more of the same, which may be fun for grandparents but perhaps not the rest of you. 


Elaine Acosta said...

that is really stinkin' cute. great idea!

Lela Thorne said...

:) Thanks Elaine!