Tuesday, September 18

"Man, I just cleared out this inbox yesterday!"

(That's Colin's caption for this picture.  What would your caption be?)

We've been putting Mavry on the potty in between the couch and the coffee table for a few months, putting a basket or a book within reach on the lower level of the coffee table for her to look at while she goes. The past few weeks, she's been working on pulling herself up from the potty by holding on to the table.  Just in the past few days she's become really confident in this and today took a step to the right. 

It's so cute when she does this and she really loves the achievement (especially if there is a lit up computer for her to touch!), but it's not a position that she would normally be able to get into herself since she can only stand when she begins on the potty, which is a position we have to put her in.  So, I've started to turn the potty to face the couch or pull it out to where she can't stand up since she's not really developmentally ready to stand. 

This post discusses the downsides of us putting babies in positions they can't get into on their own, and I agree with it, but I am guilty of violating the principles it discusses!


Scott RBW said...

Hmmm .... Mom and Dad seem to find this gizmo VERY fascinating ... wonder what's in here?

Lela Thorne said...

Yes, Scott! I am sure she thinks that...even more so about our phones. They are the most often reached for objects in the house. :)