Friday, November 8

6 month absence!

Wow.  I've been meaning to come back to this space to document some of our lives (mostly just for us to remember) but have not made the time in 6 months. 

Whew! I'm guessing that about 6 months ago, Mavry started taking just one nap a day.  That meant that I could either nap or get something done during her one nap instead of napping during one nap and getting something done during another nap.  I chose naps a lot of days (since I was growing a baby) and getting something done other than blogging on the other days.  Now we have a 6 week old and things are surely crazier but I'm at least feeling a little more rested so maybe I can get a few posts in to catch up. 

Two pictures from the summer: a surprise date that Colin planned and us wearing hats from a photobooth set up at a wedding of one of Colin's friends. 

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