Monday, November 11

Waiting for Baby (Laura's Visit)

Laura came to visit four days before Eliel's due date and stayed for a week.  This was the only week she could come and I was convinced that baby two was going to come before or soon after his guess date because Mavry came the night before hers, second babies usually come a little earlier than first ones (I thought), and I'd been feeling ready since before I got to 37 weeks whereas with Mavry I was convinced she was going to come later.  

I tried to encourage Eliel (we didn't know he was a boy at that point) along because I really wanted him to come before Laura left.  Laura and I went walking twice a day with Mavry in the stroller.  I kept telling Eliel I was ready for him to come out.  I did hypnobabies relaxation tracks.  I went to get induction acupuncture (the acupuncturist told me based on what she could tell that the baby was big and would come within two days...he didn't!).  I got my membranes swept by my midwife.  None of this worked in the time frame I wanted it to and Laura left on Saturday. 

I had contractions every night that Laura was here and I'd been having them for about a week prior, but I'd wake up and nothing would be different.  During almost every walk, I felt like the baby was so low he could just come out anytime!  But he waited.  I was glad that Laura got to come but sad that she didn't get to meet the baby.  Since I was convinced the baby really was going to come anytime, we didn't do much besides walking.  We just made it to a few shops and to the Fullerton Arboretum.

While Laura was here, Mavry got some quality time with her.  She started asking one of us to read her a book, then if someone else was nearby, she would take it to them for a second reading.  Laura would show Mavry pictures of Wesley and Curtis and also facetime with them in the evening.  So, the afternoon after Laura left, Mavry looked across the table to where Laura would have been sitting and said "Curtis?" (It sounds more like Churchis when she says it.)  Even now sometimes Mavry will see a picture of a little boy, Curtis or not, and say Curtis! 

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