Sunday, November 17

Mavry and Eliel

 Mavry loves Eliel, and he is learning to love her too, but there are many times when the relationship looks something like the above

We took a gazillion pictures, trying to get a suitable one for a birth announcement.  It proved to be much harder than expected, even with two adults working to get pictures, because Mavry is mostly interested in poking Eliel's eyes and giving him smothering hugs.

 The above three were taken at 1 week old.

 Brenda, Colin's mom, took the above one for us when Eliel was almost two weeks old.

Mavry has started saying "cheese" and taking pictures with my phone.  Usually the pictures are of the floor or the couch, but sometimes she gets a face shot.


Sarah B said...

Just read your last 3 posts. Exciting times! Congratulations on a healthy (& big) boy :) Praying right now that the Lord blesses your family with adjustment and contentment through the changes.

Lela Thorne said...

Thanks, Sarah!