Friday, March 28

Eliel: 6 months

Yowza! Eliel is already halfway through his first year.  He is growing so fast and moving around so much. 

He has five teeth and is scooting around.  He can already get up on the lower level of our coffee table. His favorite thing to do is to scoot over to the musical instruments basket there and pull it down then bang the instruments on the floor and chew on them. 

We finally got a mirror installed in the car so that we can see him in his rear facing seat, so now I know what he's doing back there.  He keeps himself occupied with watching Mavry or smiling back at himself in the mirror.  I guess one reason he's happier in the car than Mavry used to be is that he has a companion back there (and she can't mess with him when they are in their carseats!)

Eliel at 5 months
Eliel at 4 months
Eliel at 3 months
Eliel at 2 months
Eliel at 5 weeks

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