Thursday, May 1

Eliel: 7 Months

Eliel turned 7 months old last week!
His favorite things are scooting out the front door (he pushes the screen door open) to sun himself on the porch, watching the chickens, and pulling up to standing on whatever he can. 

He is now happily eating egg yolks, liver, avocados and bananas from our yard, stewed carrots, and some butter.  He loves all of it and gets most of it in his mouth from his tray. 

I sent Colin a picture of Eliel pulling up on this toy at the library.  Colin came home that very day with the exact same toy that he had found on Craigslist.  Mavry and Eliel have gotten a lot of good out of it but it is sometimes a source of discord when Eliel pulls up and Mavry tries to get him off of it. 

Eliel at 6 months
Eliel at 5 months
Eliel at 4 months
Eliel at 3 months
Eliel at 2 months
Eliel at 5 weeks

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