Thursday, November 10

another set of essays

I had my students write about what they'd be excited about, find difficult, etc. if they went to Texas. Here are a few funny quotes:

If I went to Texas, one thing I'd be worried about is the food there.
The food there is too rich in energy. You can get this conclusion surely
from the conversation teacher in YUST. Everyone are tall enough. On
the contrary, I hate being taller than others, because the obvious height will
cause troubles for me.

If I went to Texas, something I'd be really nervous about is the frequent
kiss. In the Western countries, it's so popular for people to kiss each
other every day. How can I refuse the kind kiss from the friendly Texas

And I think I will make a lot of friends in the Texas one day. If
possible, I want to buy a lovely and pocket dog. I like dog very
much. But I don't know how much it is.

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Alex said...

dude, this isn't "peter" or "shane" zhu or "sun bup" is it? he wrote about a pocket dog to me, too!