Monday, November 7

cold's blowing in

We've been so lucky to have great weather so far this winter...only a few days that were really cold, and only one day of beautiful snow. Today, though, the weather has taken a turn for the colder side and the wind has been blowing super hard all day. The positive side of that is the normally polluted coal dust filled sky has been blown free of nasty stuff and is a beautiful cloudy light blue.

Today, I went downtown to pick up some pictures I left to get developed, and I stopped by the fruit market and the supermarket while I was down there. The main supermarket downtown is three levels. The first level is refrigerated stuff, bread, fruit and vegetables (but nobody buys
fruits or veggies there, because they're more expensive than the market). The second floor is other nonperishables, and the third floor is electronics, plastics, stationery, etc. So, I go into the first floor and there are throngs of people waiting to check their bags (you have to check your bag before you enter). Then, there were people crowded around piles of sausages and huge boxes of milk. They were having a sale! On a Tuesday, the whole store had random things on sale! The ramp going up to the second floor was so packed that it was almost dangerous, and then I get up to the third floor and there's a really long line. Of course, I was curious, so I wandered to the front. I couldn't tell exactly what they were waiting for, but I think it was rice. Unfortunately, nothing I really buy was on sale, but it was an interesting experience!

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