Tuesday, November 15

daily life pictures

I wish I could figure out how to format these pictures so that they look good in the post. I can't see the finished post, but it seems like they don't look that good in the preview. Anyhow, these are some pictures a recent visitor took and I thought they provided a little glimpse into life in Yanji. The first picture is of some people setting up for market. You can see a wagon with a lot of cabbage. Before the cold hits in full force, it's the Korean tradition to put away cabbage in the form of kimchi. (That's why kimchi is the national food of Korea, because it provides a vegetable source during the cold winter when other vegetables used to not be available.) The second picture is of a common tractor/wagon combo, seen often on the hill leading up to and away from our university. (The motor is just open, and I always think it could be so dangerous!) The third picture, of a pile of coal ready to heat a nearby building. These piles are all over town, and just keep getting bigger as it gets colder. Then, there's a picture of the polluted sky as a result of the coal being burned. The last picture is the same market as the first, just getting set up.
I haven't taken any pictures like this yet, but when I saw the ones this guy took, I realized you guys might find it interesting to see more of what it looks like here.

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