Thursday, November 24


We got a KFC on October first. It was a monumental event, because although we have a few places where you can get something that is called a hamburger, the hamburgers in those places don't really taste like what you're craving. We also have a few pizza places that serve a pretty good version of pizza, but other than that, no real Western food available easily. So, KFC opened. I finally went last week. It was good. We got french fries and a chicken sandwich, with chocolate dipped ice cream for dessert. It's super expensive compared to other yummy food that is available in Yanji, but it was worth it for a taste of home (even though I never eat KFC at home). For the record, though, it did take me a month and a half to make the first visit. It was really crowded for the first few weeks it opened, but the real reason I didn't visit sooner is because we do have many choices for great tasting Korean and Chinese food in our city.

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