Thursday, October 20

can you believe it?

I can't! It's OCTOBER 21st and it snowed this morning! I had absolutely no idea that this was coming, but one of my friends said that it was forecasted on the internet. Anyhow, I was super happy to be surprised this morning. The first words out of my mouth (I don't usually talk to myself, this is reserved for special occasions such as an early snow) were OH MY GOSH!

So, I snapped a few pictures from my window for your viewing pleasure...not that they are great landscapes, or anything, but just to prove to you that it did in fact happen. Now, it's almost 11am and it's not melting. Wow! This ain't Texas!

I took the long way to the office this morning so I could walk outside and feel the snow hit my face. (It actually felt a little more like ice falling instead of snow.) Lovely. I got to the office and one of the teachers there shared my fascination with the snow, but most of the others sort of had a bah-humbug-i-have-to-walk-around-in-this-and-this-is-the-beginning-of-a-long-winter sort of attitude.

The weird thing is that the past few days, it's been warmer. Yesterday afternoon, I took a long walk in only pants and a long sleeved t-shirt, and now sitting in the office, I'm not cold at all (I have a shirt, sweater, and down vest on, though).

I know it will be a long winter, but snow is beautiful.


Jenni said...

Snow is so wonderful! It is finally cooling off a bit here - it's only supposed to be in the 60s by Sunday (and down to about 40 by Monday morning!).

You don't talk to yourself? Really? I do, all the time. Wait, maybe I shouldn't admit that! :-)

Angela said...

I'm jealous. You have to remember I grew up the opposite of what you were thinking. My thoughts this October is that I can't believe it is still so hot this far into Oct. Ivan and I share a birthday in Oct. but will have vastely different memories. We're celebrating his with an outdoor bbq, but I usually had snow back home! Thanks for the pics. I can love it through my eyes, if not all the other senses!