Friday, November 24

More Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving here is kinda funny, because there are so many nationalities around. Since our office is mostly American (and run by an American), we teach the history and culture of Thanksgiving in our conversation classes. But, that forces British and Canadian (and sometimes New Zealanders or whoever else is teaching in our office) teachers to celebrate our day, which is kind of pompous. Anyway, it's a good holiday with good meaning. I like to be reminded of the roots of it, too.

During the day on Thanksgiving, we taught and then ate in the school cafeteria. We had potatoes in some sort of sauce, a vegetable, fermented bean soup (it's actually really good - like miso), rice, and something else. I forgot. There were four of us who ate lunch together and let ourselves hang around for a while to laugh and enjoy the sunlight in our corner of the cafeteria. We had a group get together and order Beijing duck for Thanksgiving dinner, plus some other popular Chinese foods. Good times. We stayed up "late" (just after midnight) and had a glass of wine with some cheese from Shenyang, while we watched a few episodes of Friends.

Friday was a normally busy day. I went shopping after class with a new teacher and bought five sugar pumpkins (I think that's what they're called...sorta like acorn squash) for decoration for the potluck tonight and for a friend who didn't have time to go downtown. They were mighty heavy to carry back up, but we treated ourselves to a taxi ride to the back door of our dorm.

Today is Saturday. I just finished a conversation on skype with my parents, which was nice. I have to make some food for our Thanksgiving potluck tonight and finish the other preparations for that. It should be fun, I hope.

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