Thursday, November 23


It's still Thanksgiving Day for most of you folks. It's already the day after for me. We celebrate here by teaching our students what the day is about with a little history, a little grammar about thanks, and usually make something for fun. A lot of us had our elementary students write 50 things they are thankful for as homework. Some of the answers are a little funny. I will share some of them with you.
I'm thankful for...
Chinese are clever.
I wasn't born in the old China.
Lela teaches me the speaking English.
DNA fingerprinting can identify criminals.
my opponent who gives me many revelations.
musicians. They give us invisible wealth.
cosmetics workers. They make women more beautiful.
other peoples smile. They make me feel happy.
for the suffering experience. It made me much stranger. (I'm
pretty sure she meant stronger.)
so many kinds of fruit sold in the world.
for so many handsome boys in the road.
I have a white and good skin.
the milk in the breakfast. It can offer me energy.
turning off the light in 11:30 in the university to save electricity.
making me a common person.
rice and water. Everyday I eat them, but I am never bored at
my parents. You make me short but lovely!
Mao Ze Dong.
Deng Xiao Ping.
short fingers. It can do many things.
my husband. He will marry to me in the future.
to the Thanksgiving Day. It let me know gratitude.


Rachael said...

Reading this made my day!

Nana said...

Lela, I love the comments. We were thankful this year for Brian, Angela, Ivan and Dominique's visit. I enjoy reading your blog entries. This is probably the only way I will see China. God Bless you. Barbara