Tuesday, November 21

staring strategy

Yesterday, I went for a walk behind our school because I didn't have time to make it to the gym. I had to cut the walk short because what was a nice, cool, gray afternoon turned quickly into a freezing cold afternoon with pelting rain. Anyhow, there was a couple walking the opposite direction from me that noticed I was different. This happens often, of course. One of the members of the group or couple will attempt to secretly poke or nudge the other person so they can also marvel at this strange fair creature. But it's never so secret.
At that point, I employ one of three strategies, depending on my mood.
1. ignore them
2. look at them with as much interest and astonishment as they are looking at me with
3. stare them down with a big smile to try to embarrass them

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Elaine said...

I like your strategies! Depending on where I've been and who it was doing the staring (or gawking) - I've either ignored them or said hi, but I've never had the guts to stare it out! I remember being on a train in Japan and a little boy could not stop looking at me. Just in case I was the first white lady he ever saw, I wanted to leave a good impression. So I waved and flirted with him, which (thank goodness) his mother thought was great.