Friday, November 17

An Update

I haven't posted in a few weeks because it seems that blogger and China are not on friendly terms again. My lovely sister Laura has agreed to post for me (I am sending this post to her through email)so you out there in cyberspace can know that everything is well here.

A lot has happened, so I'm not sure where I need to start or what I need to tell you. I'll start with tonight and work my way back until I think you're too tired to keep reading. Tonight, two of the girls I study with came over. We had planned to either eat in the cafeteria or order some food, but they surprised me by bringing over bags of groceries from the market. They made a really excellent meal that one of them had learned to cook in her Korean cooking class that they offer to juniors and seniors here at school. I asked for the recipes. I had promised them we would make a cake together, so after dinner, we made some pumpkin bread and they were amazed when it came out. They took the rest home to their roommates. They helped me with some Chinese songs I want to learn. We had a fun night together. Neither of these girls are c's yet, so think of them when you have a chance.

The past two weekends I have had most of the students from my three English conversation classes over for cake and coffee. With most of them we also baked cakes together so they could see how to do it. They really think it's great, and they get super excited when you let them take the extra cake home. So, I've spent the last two weekends cleaning, cooking, washing dishes, and doing it all over again for the next crowd. They come over in groups of six or so because my room here can't hold so many people. It makes it easier to get to know them, too.

Next week is Thanksgiving! I can't believe it's already here. We have some special lessons planned to talk about the meaning of the day in our English conversation classes. On the weekend, we'll have a big dinner for English speakers. I am in charge of planning the order of events plus mixers for that night. I did it last year and said I wasn't going to do it again, but I said yes anyhow. If anybody has some good ideas to send my way in the next few days, I'd appreciate it. (I can still read comments on this blog, because they get emailed to me.)

The weekend after our Thanksgiving dinner (two weeks from now), I'm planning to move to my new apartment. I have been putting it off so that I could have the "coffee houses" here on campus. I've been pretty busy with all that and haven't had a lot of time to get ready to move, but I did get some sheets (you can't really buy Western style sheets here) and curtains made for the new apartment.

I made a decision about next semester. I am going to teach 6-8 hours at the other university in town and study language the rest of the time. I am looking forward to this change, but also starting to feel a little nostalgic already about my time here at YUST. Anyhow, I feel pretty sure I made the right decision for this segment of my life.


Rachael said...

I thought that you did a great job last year (hopefully I told you that then). The nametags on the backs were fun for all. :)

I keep meaning to ask if you'll send me your pumpkin/cranberry bread recipe so I can make it for my family next week. Still wishing I was there.

Elaine said...

great to have an update from you! its always fun to hear about those variations that make our cultures different - like cake! not sure what kind of suggestions you are looking for, but I'm sure the thanksgiving celebration will be a treat for everyone. good luck with your move :)