Wednesday, May 2

May holiday

I paid for an hour of internet at the PC room near my hostel in Beijing, but the hour is almost up after cleaning out my email inbox, so I can't promise much here except for a little update.

I went to Korea on Saturday with some other friends from Yanji. We got to our hotel (booked by the bride's family...on the beach!) just a few hours before the ceremony started. It was a lovely wedding, a mixture of Korean, American and Dutch culture. A wonderful reception dinner, too, in a room overlooking the beach. After the wedding, most of the younger guests went bowling with the bride and groom in their wedding clothes! Great pictures.

The next day I took the fast train up to Seoul just for the day to see some friends. I came back to Pusan to enjoy the beach. Even though the weather was a little gray, it was wonderful to spend time next to that wonderful place where sand meets water and water meets sky.

I came back through Beijing and am going to spend a few days here exploring new places and visiting a few shopping places. Maybe some anecdotes and pics later.

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