Sunday, May 6

Beijing, China

A picture from the hutong where I stayed in a hostel. Everybody had their Chinese flags out, I think, because of the May day holiday. Staying in the hutong allows you to see so many interesting things: people getting their hair dyed or permed on the street outside the hair shop, old people gathering together to sit outside, laundry hanging on the street, little glimpses of their life in the city but separate from the city.

My dumpling breakfast (3 yuan) on a street corner in a hutong.

I went to the silk market for the first time (a popular shopping place for foreigners). They had this sign posted near the elevator. I think it was for the Chinese merchants to learn some responses to foreigners who are bugging them (although in my experience, it's usually the other way around). I can't read much of the Chinese, but the English translations themselves are pretty crazy!

***Update...I asked my Chinese tutor what the title in white says and it's actually a list of phrases you shouldn't say. I should give them more credit! I should have recognized the first character anyhow. I think it's the same one that they use on no smoking signs.

In the morning on Wangfujing street, these workers are doing their daily exercises together before they open the store.

The beautiful tulips in the park near the Forbidden City.

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