Monday, May 14

a mountain and more blossoms

Went up a little mountain on Saturday that I've been meaning to go up ever since I moved here. It was really nice - it was in between rains, so it was cool and breezy while we were walking. It also wasn't crowded, which was an extra bonus. We packed a picnic lunch to eat after we went up and down, but then abandoned our picnic spot when I found a tick crawling on me. The fern like plant in the first pic is something called go-sa-ri in Korean. I've heard it's poisonous if eaten raw, but Koreans know how to dry it and then cook it so that it's not. They serve it a lot in the cafeteria. I've heard of Koreans in foreign countries who pick it illegally from parks.

The apple pear orchards are in bloom on the hill now and they're beautiful.

Except, on the side of the road, you see trash. One friend I went to Korea with said that he thinks all Chinese citizens should be required to have a one week holiday in Korea to observe how clean and relatively noise free it is in comparison.

A mobile corn saleswoman on the street.

My new photo display, using binder clips. They knock over kinda easily, but they're cheap and cute! I think I got the idea for this in Real Simple, or somewhere like that.

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