Friday, May 11


I get a kick out of how brand names are imitated or copied here. This is today's example. Not Suzuki, but Sozuki!
In Korea and Beijing, I bought cheese, sour cream, and mint dark chocolate. So, I had some people over this week for sour cream chicken enchiladas using the sour cream and pepper jack cheese and homemade flour tortillas from here. The enchiladas were tasty, but not as good as my Aunt Marla makes. She's definitely the standard for those. I think I need a refresher course. One of my British guests asked "this is called chicken in what?" I guess they don't really know about Tex-Mex over there. The mint dark chocolate obviously wasn't included in the mix, but I get a square or two out of the freezer after dinner with a hot cup of tea or coffee... yum.

Even though I had a bad experience last year, I am considering doing something funny to my hair again. Not a perm, for sure, but maybe some red streaks? I'm going with a friend who is planning on getting a zig zag frizz perm that's popular here now.

I have a swimming partner who I meet almost every Friday at the new pool at the back of the uni where I teach now. We swim for about an hour and I'm always amazed at how tired and hungry I am after that hour. After I finish a workout at the gym, I usually feel energized. Why does the water take it out of me? I love it, though, and I'm glad to have a buddy to keep me going!

We've been having lovely warm, sunny weather here. For a few days, I wondered if spring had already ended, but summer's not quite here yet.

I'm in the middle of grading 48 mostly essay American Culture midterm exams. They're not as bad as I expected, but still they're not exactly fun. I'm so thankful that the conversation class I teach only requires an oral midterm exam!

To anyone who knows me and lives in the States, I'll be there for about 6 months or so beginning late August - a mix of Kentucky and Texas, mostly. I'm looking forward to it, but also kinda wondering how all that time will get filled up. I'll try to keep a regular schedule of language study and maybe some other studies/training and with all the people I want to spend quality (not just fly through town) time with, I'm sure it'll go by quickly.


RD said...

I've been catching up on your blog. Enjoy your trip back to the US. Wow - 6 months is a long time! Let us know if you get a hankering to come to Colorado :) I had to laugh at your comments about Beijing and foreigners. As you can imagine, in the 80's our family (Chinese dad, white mom and two mixed kids) was really a sight to behold! We had so many people staring at us whenever we were out. I think that's why I prefered to stay at the hotel (where we lived) most of the time. I'm sure seeing mixed families is more common now but it definitely wasn't then.

irene said...

Have fun with the hair adventure! I'm like you, except that I permed last in high school, freshman year I think...don't color either, it makes me nervous. I'm just trying to picture you with the perm and bangs from the last post. We may be in Delaware by August but I'm sure we'll be in TX at least once for a vist in that 6 month time. I hope to see you!