Wednesday, March 10

Pasadena Pictures

This is a totally random post, but as I was looking through pictures on my camera for the requested honeymoon pics, I found these that I took and meant to blog about as they happened and didn't, so here they are now.

Above is a switch on a beside light in the apartment in Pasadena we lived in for a month. It was hard to turn, so Colin cut a piece of bamboo from our wedding huppah poles to make a little knob for it. It worked great! (Should have told you this earlier, Ruth. You've probably been wondering what that was there for.)

The apartments there get deliveries on Mondays from Trader Joes with about-to-expire food and flowers. So, I didn't have to do much grocery shopping and we always had fresh flowers in little vases everywhere.

Outside our bedroom window, the morning sun would shine on the neighbor's backyard and this swing looked so inviting. On sunny days, I thought I should go over and ask if I could try it out, but I never made it.


怎麼做才好 said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ........................................

Hugo and Ruth said...

that's what that was. We just never used the lamp!