Tuesday, March 30

Sarah's visit

My cousin Sarah came to visit for her spring break two weeks ago. It turned out to be my last week of being job free, which was perfect!

The first night, after picking her up from LAX, we went to eat "shrimp fajitas" at a place Colin knew of on Redondo Pier. They were nothing like fajitas at all (it's run by Koreans), but it was amazing spicy shrimp, potatoes, and garlic bread. I found out that Colin has been holding out on me, so now I need a plan to get him to take me to other amazing places he hasn't shown me yet.

Sarah and I went to the Getty Center the next day, which is one of my favorite places to go. It's where I requested Colin take me on our week of dates last spring break when I came to visit. The gardens are so amazing!

We took the official Sarah and Lela picnic food - cheese, bread, and pesto. We have eaten this meal in various forms in many other picnic spots around the globe.

We spent the next two days visiting Little Saigon, the LaBrea tarpits (the beautiful hill above), Olvera street,

and at the beach, of course - Corona del Mar, where they have firepits. Sarah and I camped out there all afternoon then Colin came to join us for dinner. He made a fire and we cooked what I call Girl Scout foil dinners - just meat, potatoes, carrots and seasoning in a foil pouch over the coals. Yummy! Then Colin's world famous s'mores (he has a particular method for making perfect ones!).

A great visit. I'm ready for our next visitor! Any takers?


One Woman said...

Me, me, me!!

Elaine said...

Oh my gosh, I remember those foil packets from scouts! I remember they needed salt... so hopefully you provided that ;)
Sounds like an amazing week!

lela said...

Elaine, you should seriously try them the next time you have a campfire! They're yummy. We put Lawry's seasoning salt and a little soy sauce with onions, carrot, potatoes, and ground beef.