Thursday, March 4

tulip poladroids

Colin got me these tulips Friday at Home Depot when he ran in to get a an air pump for our new bikes. I think having flowers for sale at Home Depot is a genius idea.

This morning, I saw this shadow on the wall in the living room made from the tulips and loved it. In my wanderings this morning on the internet, I found this free program that turns digital pics into "poladroids" on your computer. It even takes a while for them to develop from brown to the vintage look you see here. Another genius idea!


One Woman said...

Mlle Thorne,

How'd you find that? So very cool. And tulips at HD *are* a great idea!

lela said...

I found it through the Ready Made site. I just happened to follow a link there from facebook. Have you ever looked at that magazine or that site? Fun stuff to try!