Thursday, March 25

Vietnamese Market

We live sandwiched between a Korean neighborhood and a Vietnamese neighborhood. If I want to go to a "normal" supermarket, I have to go out of my way, but Korean and Vietnamese markets are everywhere! Korean markets don't seem so foreign to me, but since I can't read Vietnamese and I've never been to Vietnam, I thought these things were picture worthy.

I guess these are some kind of snack. Those little white eyeball looking things kinda weird me out.

Live blue crabs!

My sister used to love Little Debbie swiss cake rolls. I'm guessing she wouldn't be so into the green version.

Jackfruit or durian - I'm not sure, but it's HUGE!

Whew. I was wondering where I was going to pick up some congealed pork blood for tomorrow night's dinner.

So many varieties of ramen!