Thursday, July 14


A few days before June ended, I lost my job. It was a surprise. It was embarrassing because I've never been laid off before, and it's certainly inconvenient for a number of reasons.

The morning before I found out, I was driving to work past the day laborers waiting for work that day and I thanked God for my job. It was important for me to be mindfully grateful for my job because it didn't pay well, it was pretty meaningless, I felt under-appreciated, etc. But, I had pretty much come to peace with all that and had decided to stick it out for the time being.

Since I came to California, the (only!) 6 months that I had been in this job had been the longest that I'd been employed full-time. It seemed pretty stable, it provided health insurance, and it was nice to have co-workers that I was getting to know better. But, coming from a teaching background, I often wished for that sense of purpose that comes with teaching. Teaching is hard, but there's that general feeling of knowing that what you do can change people for the better.

So, now I'm unemployed again, but hopeful, and excited about the chance to make things again! On about day four of unemployment, I finally got my "studio" corner of our living room cleared of piles. It took me until yesterday to finally start making things again. So, now my etsy stores are updated again and I'll be adding new things more often. Yay!

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