Tuesday, July 19

Random links to inspire

This makes me want to make paper again. The process looks so beautiful!

The Urban Farming Guys are doing really cool looking stuff in the middle of Kansas City, like living in community, urban fish farming, composting, and other great stuff. Colin and I have been looking for something like this to join. We'd love to live in crazy community with other people, but haven't found it yet.

This article on the educational value of creative disobedience is a great post on how kids don't need to be taught as much as they need to experiment and be given a chance to discover. I've been reading a little on Montessori methods for kids. I emailed a local Montessori school to see if they had any openings for jobs at all just so I could learn more about it. (Didn't hear anything back yet, though.)

(I like it when people share links they've been learning from. Even though these links don't really have anything in common, they're things I learned from this week!)

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