Thursday, July 7

Memorial Day Camping

While I'm on the video editing kick, here's how we spent our Memorial Day weekend: at La Jolla Indian Campground. We got there just before dark on Friday night and all the good spots were taken, but Colin had been there before and knew of a secret spot across the river. We had to actually cross the river to get to our campground (with all of our stuff), but once we did, we had a nice quiet spot right on the river!

Colin spent most of Saturday clearing out our campsite and building drains for the stagnant water. He had fun doing it, but unfortunately got a pretty severe case of poison oak in the process (which we didn't realize until after we got back). He couldn't wear closed shoes for a few weeks.

It rained Saturday night, which was okay for us because our across the river neighbors left early, leaving us a prime spot on the right side of the river.

We were joined Sunday evening by our friends Andrew and Rebecca, who brought a lovely dinner packed by David and Bin, who couldn't make it. The next day we went for a tubing adventure with them before we headed back home.

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